Upload your own video

  • How to upload your own video?
    Metalograms is under development and it is not possible to upload yourself your videos. Contact me directly on facebook
  • Which volumetric video format is supported ?
    Multiple volumetric formats are supported, among them
    - RGBd videos with depth encoded as hue or gray (Brekel, DepthKit, etc...)
    - 180° or 360° RGBd video (Kandao Obsidian, etc...)
    - Volograms
    - 4ds
    - ...
  • We distinct 2 kinds of video/experience :
    - "180/360" with limited movement : composed by a 360° or 180° depthmaps video (eg Kandao Obsidian; or stereo camera with Lifecast software), with your VR headset you can only make a few steps in the scene
    - "free walk" with full movement : the scene is usually composed by a static scene (gltf, obj, ...) and RGBD video of person (2.5D - only front) or volumetric video (full 3d) of a person
  • In any case, do not hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to import / adapt your video/experience or explain how to record it

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